Science Café Program

The LRSM, through the NSF-supported Penn MRSEC, is continuing a series of Science Cafés that began last year to promote NOVA’s four part TV series on materials, ‘Making Stuff with David Pogue,’ on public television. The Science Cafés, which are science talks for laymen about materials-related topic of current interest, will take place at 7:30 pm at Stoney’s British Pub, 3007 Concord Pike, Wilmington DE and and University Club at Penn3611 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA, at 6:00 pm.

These programs are free and anyone who is interested is invited to attend. No purchase is necessary.

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Andrew R. McGhie at

September 14, 2015
Stoney’s British Pub

Janet MongeJanet Monge
Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
"Forensic Anthropology"

The basic analytic tool kit of forensic anthropologists is applied to 3 very different case studies. Dealing with decomposed or partially decomposed human remains presents a special set of challenges to anthropologists working in forensics. Indeed, in only about 25% of cases can anthropologists contribute in significant ways to forensic cases - contra the popular lore as portrayed in TV shows like BONES. This presentation will include discussions of the limitations of forensic anthropology and include cases in which the forensic anthropologist have been wrong in their assessment of the remains.

September 17, 2014
University Club at Penn

A.T. Charlie JohnsonA.T. Charlie Johnson
Physics & Astronomy
University of Pennsylvania
“A 'Bionic Nose' to Smell Cancer - From Small Science to Major Applications”

Physicist A.T. Charlie Johnson, Director of Penn's Nano/Bio Interface Center, understands that less is definitely more. Johnson forges groundbreaking basic discoveries in nanoscience that are then used in the development of important applications in industry and medicine. He is currently pursuing research to create a bionic nose, a nanoscale sensor device that he hopes one day will be used to sniff out cancer much like the olfactory capabilities of trained working dogs. He is also co-founder of the startup company Graphene Frontiers, which is headquartered in the University City Science Center.

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