K-12 Students

ShuYang_outreachIn addition to the PSSI program for high school students, we also have  other programs for K-12 students. these include: A new, week-long program for middle school students who attend Girard College high school. This special program introduces middle school students to various aspects  of materials science  with the intent of fostering an interest in careers in science and engineering.

Middle School Science Camp

Since 2011, 7th grade students from Girard College — a boarding school for economically disadvantaged students from single-parent households — have spent one full week on campus with the LRSM. In 2017, students from The Pennsylvania School for the Deaf joined the camp. These budding scientists participate in lab experiments, materials science lessons, and visits to various Penn facilities.The LRSM is seeking additional middle school partners to expand this program.



Field Trips

One Friday per month the LRSM and the Singh Center for Nanotechnology hosts groups of local middle and high school students at our labs. Student groups tour nanofabrication facilities and learn about materials science and engineering. Groups of approximately 25 students should plan to be on campus from 9:00 am until 2:00 pm.



VCoutreachSM Video conference to Philadelphia classrooms via cable TV. This presentation was given by Professor Dennis Discher – “Blood Cells, Biological and Artificial”.

TV and Videoconferenced lectures

We collaborate with the School District of Philadelphia to present materials-based programs on their Science of Philadelphia  TV show on local cable channel 52  and have given 18 such programs since 1998. We also collaborate with the Penn MAGPI group who interact with  hundreds of schools across the country to present hour-long, materials based programs for middle and high schools through Internet 2. These programs are interactive with up to five high schools simultaneously. A summer research program for a few well-qualified high school students who will work in the laboratories of our associated faculty under the supervision of a graduate student is also available. Laboratory tours of our facilities for K-12 students and their teachers. Visits to schools by members of our associated faculty.

  • Dr. Rollin Lakis, LRSM ‘Electron Microscopy of Biological Materials’
  • Dr. Mark Hermanson, Earth and Environmental Science, ‘Environmental Electron Microscopy’
  • Prof. Dennis Discher, MEAM, ‘Artificial Blood’
  • Prof. Jorge Santiago, EE, ‘Micro-chips’
  • Profs. Randall Kamien and Mark Goulian, Physics & Astronomy, ‘Science with an Egg’
  • Profs. Randall Kamien and Mark Goulian, Physics & Astronomy, ‘Microbes in the Kitchen’
  • Prof. Russ Composto, MSE, ‘Sneaky Polymers’
  • Prof. Charles McMahon, MSE, ‘Bicycles and their Construction’
  • Drs Douglas Yates and James Ferris, SEAS, ‘Microscopic Analysis of a Computer Disk’
  • Prof. John Crocker, ChE, ‘Crystallization and Gellation in the Chamber of Secrets’
  • Prof. Karen Winey, MSE, ‘Polymers and Recycling’
  • Dr. Mark Hermanson, Earth and Environmental Science, ‘Environmental History from Ice Cores’
  • Prof. Shu Yang, MSE, ‘Gelable, swellable polymers’ (June 2004)
  • Bill Berner, Physics, ‘Convection in nature’ (Dec. 2004)
  • Bill Berner, Physics, ’Franklin’s kite and beyond’ (May 2005)
  • Ritesh Agarwal, MSE, ‘Introduction to Nanotechnology’ (Sept. 2007)
  • Daeyon Lee, CBE
  • Andrea Liu, Physics & Astronomy