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Felice Macera


A little about what Felice does.


Felice's skills in photography range the gamut from technical to portrait, both studio & location. With a strong foundation in film & film processing & printing, he uses, and has used, equipment from 4x5 to 35mm, to digital SLR & video.


With a degree in Illustration from the University of the Arts, Felice's skills ranging from drawing and photo-illustration to pre-press desktop publishing.

Computer Graphics

He has extensive knowledge of computer design, with high level skills in programs such as Adobe Illustrator©, PhotoShop©, Premiere©, and InDesign©.

Web Design

Felice has a strong understanding of the latest CSS & XHTML standards and use the Adobe© suite of products to supplement his coding skills. Besides static HTML sites, he designs web sites using Drupal & Wordpress.


Some samples of my work.


Events, locations, places ...

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Macro Photography

Small objects, samples, experiments ...

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Head shots, location portraits ...

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Computer Design

Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign

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Web Design

Static website design

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CMS Design

Drupal, Wordpress web design ...

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Video capture and editing

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Felice has lived in the Philadelphia area all his life and has been working in the photography and computer graphics industry since receiving a degree in "Illustration" from the (then) Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts) in 1984. His skills in photography range the gamut from technical to portrait and on the computer, from drawing and photo-illustration to pre-press desktop publishing and web design.

Though working almost exclusively in digital photography now, he has a strong foundation in "traditional" photography and has (does) shoot medium format and 4x5 (both b/w & color). He also ran a darkroom facility for many years, processing all types of film, and print (b/w & color).

He has a vast knowledge of computer design, working in programs such as Adobe Illustrator© & PhotoShop©, and Quark Xpress©. In web design, he has a strong understanding of the latest CSS & XHTML standards and uses the Macromedia© (Adobe©) suite of products to add to his coding skills. Along with computer design skills, he has a diverse knowledge and understanding in both PC & MAC platforms, operating systems and networking.

Outside of his work at Penn, Felice has run a small company for the last 20 years, offering computer design & photography services, and is the instructor of the University of Pennsylvania's Tae Kwon Do Club.


  • 1980-1984

    University of the Arts

    Leaving high school in his senior year, Felice entered the University of the Arts (then Philadelphia College of Art) via early admissions. He majored in Illustration, while gaining diverse knowledge in graphic design, lithography, fine arts and photography.

  • 1984 - present

    Professional Artist

    After graduating with a degree in Illustration, Felice began working in photography for the LRSM @ the University of Pennsylvania. He "developed" advanced knowledge of photography and processing in 4x5, 120 & 35mm formats. The facility offered everything from copy services, to macro photography. It also offered event, portrait, and location photography along with studio services.

  • 1995

    From Photography to Computer Graphics

    As the world started to shift to digital, so did Felice, and when the facility restructured in the 1990's he began taking on computer graphics responsibilities along with his photographic tasks. Programs like Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator where making hand drawings and darkroom techniques obsolete, and while the WWW was in its infancy, Penn was on the forefront.

  • 2000 & On

    The New Milenium

    The world survived "Y2K", and Felice went 100% digital along with it. Gone were the days of hours of developing in the darkroom, and here were the days of immediate photographic results with dSLRs. Not only "film" but digital video media exploded and with that, Felice added video shooting and editing skills to his arsenal.

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