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Our group focuses mainly on computer modeling of the structure and properties of grain boundaries, metal-metal and metal-ceramic interfaces, dislocations and other lattice defects. These calculations range from ab initio LDA based electronic structure calculations, real space tight-binding methods, to state of the art empirical approaches allowing modeling of large enough systems to be able to analyze complex real situations. The development of these methods is an integral part of the research. The principal goal of these studies is to build a bridge between basic physics and engineering of materials.

Current research topics:
- Atomic and electronic structure of interfaces and dislocations.
- Atomic and mesoscopic processes of deformation and fracture and link to solid mechanics analyses.
- Deformation and fracture of complex intermetallic compounds.
- Development and applications of Bond-order potentials.
- Mechanism of brittle-ductile transition.

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Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
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