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Building Manager
Timothy Litty
215-898-7793 (office)
267-721-2003 (cell)
Business Office, Room 109, LRSM

LRSM Business Office

What kind of issues and problems will my building administrator handle for me?

Your building administrator can handle a wide variety of problems and issues for you such as repairs and housekeeping problems. Additionally if you have a small project such as putting up shelves or replacing carpet, your building administrator can work with you to get it done. If not your building administrator will work with you and the contractor to see that your job is completed to satisfaction.

LRSM Emergency contact directory/ Announcements and Shutdown Notices

How do I get added to/removed from LRSM emergency contact directory/announcements and shutdown notice list?

Please be advised that faculty, staff and students can now opt-in to receive announcements regarding building operations. Notifications provide important information related to building services including planned utility shutdowns, emergency notifications, and general updates to LRSM.  Information provided in these announcements may have implications for the use of your labs or offices and require action on your part in response to the notification. All individuals who currently receive building announcements have been transferred to the new email notification system. Names/addresses that cannot be verified will be removed from the contact list.

The process to opt-in or opt-out is simple:

To opt in visit the: LRSM Occupant Registration

To opt out (unsubscribe) follow the instructions here: lrsm occupants list interface


Normal housekeeping services are defined by daily emptying of your trash cans, daily sweeping and mopping of hard surfaces, weekly vacuuming of carpeting, daily cleaning and stocking of restrooms, high dusting and annual stripping/waxing of hard surfaces and annual shampooing of carpets.  If these normal housekeeping services are not being provided, please contact your Building Administrator.  If you need special housekeeping services such as detailed cleaning of a lab, please contact your Building Administrator.  If you have any questions on any of the procedures outlined above, please contact your Building Administrator at 215-898-7793.

Why does vacuuming have to be requested?

Carpets should be vacuumed on a regular basis. They should be vacuumed at least once a week. If you need vacuuming more frequently, please contact your Building Administrator to make satisfactory arrangements. If you have a situation that calls for immediate cleanup, please call 215-898-7793.

How can I have my carpets shampooed?

Housekeeping regularly shampoos carpets. If you want your carpets shampooed, contact your Building Administrator and your office will be scheduled for the service.

Bathroom Supplies: Who should I contact for bathroom supplies?

Your Building Administrator can contact housekeeping for you.

Communicating with Service Personnel

Should workers (mechanics/technicians/carpenters, etc.) communicate their findings or status of work to the people who occupy the space in which the work is being done?

Feel free to discuss the issue with the personnel who come to your office to fix a repair or install a fixture. You can best explain the nature of the job. If you have a complaint or problem with the work, contact your Building Administrator.

Heating and Cooling

What is the time frame for feeling adjustments in temperature in heating and cooling?

Adjustments in temperature may take up to several hours to be felt. In many instances, the systems are working for an entire building, not just a single office, lab or classroom. Changing the thermostat does not cause an instantaneous change in temperature. If you do call in with a complaint of being too hot or too cold, please be patient while the adjustment takes effect.  For temperature problems affecting critical research after hours or weekends please call 215-898-7208. For all other temperature problems, please contact your Building Administrator.

Ceiling Tiles

What is the process for replacing ceiling tiles?

Please request these types of repairs through your Building Administrator


What is the process for replacing light bulbs?

Please request these types of repairs through your Building Administrator.


What is the process for calling in clogged toilets, overflowing sinks, and similar problems?

For any type of major leak that could cause damage to the building during after hours, please call 215-8987208. For minor plumbing problems such as dripping faucets, please call or email your Building Administrator during regular working hours .You should always contact your Building Administrator after any emergency.

Repairs and Work Order Requests AiM Maintenance:

Procedures for requesting work orders during afterhours or weekends.

The University Facilities & Real Estate Services has implemented a web based work order system called AiM.  In order to provide clarification on the procedures for requesting building maintenance type work orders, please follow these guidelines:

Examples of Normal Maintenance

Most Lab and  Office Temperature Complaints, Light Bulbs Out, Broken/Stained Ceiling Tiles, Dripping Faucets, Restroom Fixture Problems, Door Lock & Hardware Problems, Elevator Out of Service, etc. Please report these types of problems to your Building Administrator. For weekends or afterhours you may go online and write a work order or wait for you Building Administrator to return.

You may go  through AiM:

  • Go to:
  • Click on AiM Maintenance Request on Right Side of Page and log in with your PennKey & Password
  • Click on Enter New Work Request
  • Fill Out the Required Fields illustrated by the Red Asterisk along with an extra description if necessary
  • Click on the SAVE button. You should receive a Request Number that documents your request is in the system.
  • A Confirmation E-Mail will be sent to you with the Work Order Number

Examples of Customer Work Requests

All of these need time to process painting, new electrical receptacles, utility, connections of new lab equipment, shelving, etc. These are all requests that require a 26-digit account number, Work with your Building Administrator for any of these request.

Examples of Emergencies

Emergencies must be called in call 215-898-7208. Floods, Leaks, No Electric Power to Critical Equipment, Hot/Cold Temperatures that would have an immediate impact on critical equipment, Cold Rooms & Fume Hoods in Alarm.  Please record the tracking number you will receive. If the problem has not been addressed in a timely manner, contact your Building Administrator.