The LRSM facilities play a vital role in the MRSEC research and in promoting collaboration and outreach. SEFs are a focal point for knowledge transfer to industry and graduate education. They are utilized by external organizations as well as MRSEC students and postdoctorals. Penn research centers that benefit from the SEFs include, Internet of Things for Precision Agriculture (an NSF ERC), the Center for Engineering Mechanobiology (an NSF STC), The Vagelos Institute for Energy Science and Technology, The Center for Soft and Living Matter, The Johnson Foundation for Molecular Biophysics, The Institute for Medicine & Engineering, The Center for Innovation and Precision Dentistry, The Penn Center for Molecular Discovery, The Center for Advanced Metabolic Imaging in Precision Medicine, and The Museum Applied Science Center for Archeology.

Note: Facilities users must include the following text in the acknowledgment section of their publications:

“The authors acknowledge the use of facilities supported by the Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter and the NSF through the University of Pennsylvania Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) DMR-2309043.”

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