Highlights for IRG2 (2005-2011)

Functional Cylindrical Assemblies

Patterning within Amphiphilic Self-Assemblies using Charge, Curvature, and Crystallinity
Dennis Discher, Randy Kamien, Michael Klein, Paul Janmey and Andrea Liu
Patchy Particles by Self-Assembly
Christian, D.A., Tian, A., Ellenbroek, W.G., Levental, I., Rajagopal, K., Janmey, P.A., Liu, A.J., Baumgart, T., & Discher, D.E.
Molecular Structure of Helical Supramolecular Dendrimers
M. Peterca, V. Percec, M. R. Imam, P. Leowanawat, K. Morimitsu, P. A. Heiney