Highlights for IRG3 (2011-2017)

Mechanics of Disordered Packings

A new measure of structure in disordered materials
Douglas Durian and Andrea Liu
Heterogeneity in the small-scale deformation behavior of disordered nanoparticle packings
J. A. Lefever, T. D. B. Jacobs, Q. Tam, J. L. Hor, Y.-R. Huang, D. Lee, & R. W. Carpick
Identifying Structural Flow Defects in Disordered Solids Using Machine Learning Methods
D. J. Durian, E. Kaxiras (Harvard MRSEC), A. J. Liu (IRG-3)
Universality of Microscopic Structure and Macroscopic Mechanical Response in Disordered Packings Across Length Scales
P. E. Arratia, R. W. Carpick, D. J. Durian, D. S. Gianola, D. Lee, A. J. Liu, R. Riggleman, A. G. Yodh (IRG-3)
Understanding Plastic Deformation in Glasses from Single-Soft-Spot Dynamics
Andrea J. Liu (IRG 3), Robert A. Riggleman (Seed 3)
Anisotropic Particles Toughen Disordered Packings
Andrea J. Liu and Daeyeon Lee (IRG3)
Phonons & Soft Spots in Two-dimensional Glasses and Crystals
Andrea Liu and Arjun G. Yodh (IRG3)
Temperature/Load Scaling in Gas-Fluidized Granular Packings
L. J. Daniels, T. K. Haxton, N. Xu, Andrea J. Liu and Douglas J. Durian
Tunable Tensile Ductility in Metallic Glasses
D.J. Magagnosc, R. Erhbar, G. Kumar, M.R. He, J. Schroers, D.S. Gianola
Just Say No to Cracks
Jacob H. Prosser, Teresa Brugarolas, Steven Lee, Adam J. Nolte, and Daeyeon Lee
Soft Spots in Disordered Colloidal Packings
Andrea J. Liu and Arjun G. Yodh