NSF Site Visit

4th Year Site Visit AGENDA

University of Pennsylvania
Class of 2017 MRSEC: 3-IRG
May 24 - May 26, 2021 (all times in EST)

Day 0 Monday May 24, 2021
Start End Duration
3:30 PM 5:00 PM 1:30 Briefing of Site Visit Team (CLOSED: NSF + Panel)

Day 1 Tuesday May 25, 2021
10:00 AM 10:10 AM 0:10 NSF + Panel Introduction
10:10 AM 11:00 AM 0:50 Director's Overview (Eric Stach)
11:00 AM 11:10 AM 0:10 Discussion/Questions
11:10 AM 11:35 AM 0:25 IRG-1 (Doug Durian)
11:35 AM 11:45 AM 0:10 Discussion/Questions
11:45 AM 11:55 AM 0:10 Break
11:55 AM 12:20 PM 0:25 IRG-2 (Paul Janmey)
12:20 PM 12:30 PM 0:10 Discussion/Questions
12:30 PM 12:55 PM 0:25 IRG-3 (Randy Kamien & Chinedum Osuji)
12:55 PM 1:05 PM 0:10 Discussion/Questions
1:05 PM 2:00 PM 0:55 Executive Session / Lunch (CLOSED)
2:00 PM 2:10 PM 0:10 SuperSeeds Accomplishments (Matthew Good)
2:10 PM 2:15 PM 0:05 Discussion/Questions
2:15 PM 2:50 PM 0:35 Education and Outreach, Diversity Plan (Mark Licurse & Ashley Wallace)
2:50 PM 3:00 PM 0:10 Discussion/Questions
3:00 PM 3:20 PM 0:20 Industrial Outreach and Other Collaborations; Shared Facilities (Eric Stach)
3:20 PM 3:30 PM 0:10 Discussion/Questions
3:30 PM 3:40 PM 0:10 Executive Session Break (CLOSED)
3:40 PM 4:50 PM 1:10 Meeting with Trainees; Poster Session
4:50 PM 6:00 PM 1:10 Executive Session: Prepare Overnight Questions (CLOSED)
6:00 PM 6:30 PM 0:30 Meeting with MRSEC Director and Team: Present Questions

Day 2 Wednesday May 26, 2021
10:00 AM 10:15 AM 0:15 Executive Session (CLOSED)
10:15 AM 11:15 AM 1:00 MRSEC Response: Director plus Executive Team
11:15 AM 11:30 AM 0:15 Executive Session Break
11:30 AM 11:50 AM 0:20 Meeting with University Administrators (CLOSED) (no MRSEC participants)
12:00 PM 5:00 PM 5:00 NSF + Site Visit Team - Report Writing (CLOSED)
5:00 PM 5:30 PM 0:30 NSF Debriefing with MRSEC Director and Executive Team

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IRG 1 Posters

Analisa Hill

An Analog to Glass: Geometric Frustration and Heterogeneous Dynamics in Buckled Colloidal Monolayers
Analisa Hill, Michio Tanaka, Xiaoguang Ma, Chandan Mishra, Arjun Yodh

Sage Fulco

Role of local material structure in fracture
Sage Fulco, M. Budzik, H. Xiao, D. Durian, & K.T. Turner

Larry Galloway

Excess Entropy and Non-equilibrium Relaxation in Sheared Colloids
Larry Galloway, Erin Teich, Xiaoguang Ma, Christoph Kammer, Ian Graham, Nathan Keim, Celia Reina, Doug Jerolmack, Arjun Yodh, Paulo E. Arratia

J. Brandon McClimon

Nanoscale Structure-Property Relations in Disordered Polymer Grafted Nanoparticle Structures
J. Brandon McClimon, Shawn M. Maguire, Sage Fulco, Kevin Turner, Russell J. Composto, Robert W. Carpick

Alex R. Moore

The Role of Interfaces in Simulated Vapor Deposited Glasses
A. R. Moore, Y. Jin, A. Zhang, S. Govind, S. Wolf, Z. Fakhraai, & R. A. Riggleman

Sam Dillavou

Collective Distributed Learning in Disordered Networks
Menachem Stern, Sam Dillavou, J. W. Rocks, M. Ruiz Garcia, E. Katifori, A. J. Liu, & D. Durian

Erin G. Teich

Crystalline Shielding Localizes Memory in Jammed Systems Under Oscillatory Shear
Erin G. Teich, Larry Galloway, Paulo E. Arratia, and Danielle S. Bassett

R Bharath Venkatesh

Leaching-enabled Capillary Rise Infiltration (LeCaRI) of polymers into nanoparticle packings
R Bharath Venkatesh, Lorenzo Botto, Daeyeon Lee

Haonan Wang

Entropic origin of the slow dynamics of molecular glasses under extreme nanoconfinement
H. Wang, K. Kearns, A. Zhang, A. Shamsabadi, Y. Jin, A. Bond, S. Hurney, C. Morillo, and Z. Fakhraai

Sarah Wolf and A. Zhang

Ultrastable Glasses of molecules of differing intra-molecular degrees of freedom
S. Wolf, A. Zhang, S. Fulco, J. McClimon, S. Govind, H. Zhao, P. Walsh, R. Carpick, K. Turner, & Z. Fakhraai

Yiwei Qiang

Enhancing the Fracture Toughness of Polymer-infiltrated Nanoparticle Films via Polymer Bridging and Entanglement
Yiwei Qiang, Kevin Turner, Daeyeon Lee

Hongyi Xiao, Ge Zhang, Entao Yang

Structuro-elasto-plastic (StEP) model for plasticity in disordered solids: from ductile to brittle response
Robert Ivancic, Hongyi Xiao, Entao Yang, Ge Zhang, Sean Ridout, Robert Riggleman, Douglas Durian, and Andrea Liu

Nakul S. Deshpande

Observations of persistent creep in a quiescent granular heap
Nakul S. Deshpande, Robert A. Riggleman, Paulo E. Arratia, Douglas J. Jerolmack

IRG 2 Posters

AbdelAziz Jalil

CD47-Derived Peptides Promote Macrophage Phagocytosis of Cancer Cells by Disrupting “Self” Signaling
AbdelAziz Jalil, Brandon Hayes, Jason Andrechak, David Chenoweth, Dennis Discher

Karanvir Saini

Heterogeneous Strains In Tissue Collagen Show That High Strains Locally Suppress Degradation By Collagenase
K. Saini, M. Tiwari, S. Cho, A. Jalil, M. Vashisth , J. Irianto, J. Andrechak , L. Dooling, C. Alvey , A. Kasznel , D. Chenoweth, K. Yamamoto and D. Discher

Andrey Y. Mikheev

Designing a Mechano-Chemical Hybrid Hydrogel Based on a Bistable Kinase-Phosphatase Switch Integrated in Collagen Meshwork
A.Y. Mikheev, A.S. Maiorov, F.I. Ataullakhanov, E.L. Grishchuk

Matthew D. Davidson

Programmable and Contractile Materials Through Cell Encapsulation in Fibrous Hydrogel Assemblies
Matthew D. Davidson, Margaret E. Prendergast, Ehsan Ban, Karen L. Xu, Gabriel Mickel, Patricia Mensah, Abhishek Dhand, Paul A. Janmey, Vivek B. Shenoy, Jason A. Burdick

Emile A. Kraus

Marine sponge tissue displays novel mechanics and dynamics
E.A. Kraus, L.E. Mellenthin, S.A. Siwiecki, J. Yang, A.M. Sweeney & P.A. Janmey

Dawei Song

A multi-scale continuum model for particle-filled fiber networks
Dawei Song, Paul Janmey

Farid Alisafaei

Vimentin filaments integrate actomyosin contractility with microtubule stiffness in cellular response to substrate mechanics
Farid Alisafaei, Kalpana Mandal, Maxx Swoger, Paul A Janmey, Alison E Patteson, Vivek B Shenoy

IRG 3 Posters

Vahid Nikkhah and Dimitrios Tzarouchis

Inverse-Design Method for Designing Photonic Architectures
Vahid Nikkhah and Dimitrios Tzarouchis from Engheta (ESE) Group and Collaborators (IRG and others)

Uri R. Gabinet

Nanocomposites of 2D-MoS2 exfoliated in thermotropic liquid crystals
Uri R. Gabinet, Changyeon Lee, Ryan Poling-Skutvik, Daniel Keane, Nakyung Kim, Zachariah Vicars, Yusheng Cai, Aniket U. Thosar, Alexander Grun, Sarah M. Thompson, Amish J. Patel, Cherie R. Kagan, Russell J. Composto and Chinedum O. Osuji

Jiaqi Liu

Shaping and Locomotion of Soft Robots using Filament Actuators Made from Liquid Crystal Elastomer-Carbon Nanotube Composites
Jiaqi Liu, Yuchong Gao, Haihuan Wang, Ryan Poling-Skutvik, Chinedum Osuji and Shu Yang

Henry Shulevitz

Scalable Self Assembly of Non-uniform Quantum Emitters
Henry Shulevitz, Tzu-Yung Huang, Steven Neuhaus, Jun Xu, Raj Patel, Lee Basset and Cherie Kagan

Wei Weng

Ultrafast Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy of Gold Nanoparticle - 5CB Composites
Wei Weng, Yifan Ning, Yuchen Wang, Shu Yang, Christopher Murray, Jessica Anna

Yuchen Wang

Repeatable and Reprogrammable Shape Morphing from Photoresponsive Gold Nanorod/Liquid Crystal Elastomers
Yuchen Wang, Alei Dang, Zhifeng Zhang, Rui Yin, Yuchong Gao, Liang Feng and Shu Yang

Sebastian Hurtado Parra

Magnetic Response and Ferromagnetic Phases of Nematic Liquid Crystals
Sophie Ettinger, Sebastian Hurtado Parra, Charlotte Slaughter, Daniel Rosen, Weixingyue Li, Christopher B. Murray, James M. Kikkawa, Arjun G. Yodh

Aniket U. Thosar

Molecular determinants of favorable surface-mesogen interactions
Aniket U. Thosar, Yusheng Cai, Zachariah Vicars, Hao Jiang and Amish J. Patel

Sophie Ettinger

Solid and Fluid Particles in Liquid Crystals
S. Ettinger, A. de la Cotte, A. Martinez, O. Stenull, C. Dietrich, C. K. Mishra, C. Miksch, D. Beller, T. C. Lubensky, P. J. Collings, A. G. Yodh

Charlotte Slaughter

Micro-Emulsions of Liquid Crystal Oligomers and Elastomers
Wei-Shao Wei, Charlotte Slaughter, Yu Xia, Sophie Ettinger, Zhe Liu , Chinedum Osuji, Shu Yang & A. G. Yodh

Yvonne Zagzag

Low-Intensity Magnetic Fields for Encoding Bespoke Texture in Orientational Ordering of Block Copolymers
Yvonne Zagzag, Randall Kamien, Chinedum Osuji

Weixingyue (Connie) Li

Anisotropic Rare Earth Doped Nanocrystals Assembly and Magnetic Nanoparticles Anchoring Liquid Crystals
Weixingyue Li, Yifan Ning,Sophie Ettinger, Charlotte Slaughter

Seeds Posters

Huiqin Zhang

Imaging and Manipulation of Spin-Textures and Magnetic Phase Transitions in Atomically-Thin Van der Waals Materials
Alice Castan, Marija Drndiç, Sarah Friedensen, Deep Jariwala, Rachael Keneipp, Huiqin Zhang

Zhurun Ji and Zhuoliang Ni

Novel nonlinear optical effects in topological materials
Zhurun Ji, Zhuoliang Ni, Ritesh Agarwal, Liang Feng, Charles L. Kane, Eugene J. Mele, Andrew M. Rappe, Liang Wu

Nathan A. Rudman

Metal-Organic Capsules for Gas Capture in Solid and Liquid Phases
Nathan A. Rudman, Kang Du, Sebastian Hurtado Parra, Patrick J. Carroll, James M. Kikkawa, Ivan J. Dmochowski

Tiancheng Wang and Sam Welborn

DBAN Design for Optimal Fluid-, Charge- and Wave-Matter Interactions for Advanced Energy Applications
Tiancheng Wang, Sam Welborn, Detsi, Engheta, Katifori, Lee, Pikul, Stach, Stebe, Mallouk, Yodh

Zihe Gao

Topological Photonics: When Light Meets Topology and Symmetry
Zhifeng Zhang, Zihe Gao, Tianwei Wu, Han Zhao, Xingdu Qiao, Haoqi Zhao, Bikashkali Midya, Zhurun Ji, Wenjing Liu , Yuhui Wang , Jieun Yim , Kevin Liu, Gaurav Modi, Minsoo Hwang, Ritesh Agarwal, & Liang Feng

Bryan Chem

Dynamic Behavior Of Random Media in the Absence of Scale Separation
Bryan Chem, Jordan Raney, Celia Reina, and Pedro Ponte-Castañeda

Chenshuai Li and Arnesh Mishra

Ultrafast Measurements of Interface Thermal Conductance using Dye-Based Optical Thermometry
Chenshuai Li, A. Mishra, J. Zhou, J. Anna, & J. Lukes

Clary Rodriguez-Cruz

Efficiently exploring high-dimensional energy landscapes in experiment and computation
Clary Rodriguez-Cruz, Amruthesh Thirumalaiswamy, Paulo Arratia, Robert A. Riggleman, John C. Crocker

Mikael Garabedian and Roshan Mammen Regy

Sequence-Defined Disordered Protein Polymers for Engineered Assembly of Biomolecular Condensates and Granular Materials
Matthew Good, Daniel Hammer, Deayeon Lee, Elizabeth Rhoades, University of Pennsylvania
Jeetain Mittal, Lehigh University

Dapeng Zhang

From Dendrimersomes and Glycodendrimersomes to a One-Component Delivery System for mRNA
Dapeng Zhang, Elena N. Atochina-Vasserman, Devendra S. Maurya, Ning Huang, Qi Xiao, Nathan Ona, Matthew Liu, Michael J. Mitchell, Matthew C. Good, Drew Weissman and Virgil Percec