Soft Matter Workshop 2006

Soft Matter WorkshopThursday, November 2, 2006
10:30 am – 4:00 pm
Hoff Lynch Lecture Room


University of Pennsylvania Physics & Astronomy Department
The Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter (Penn’s MRSEC)
Physics Department, New York University


Douglas Durian (Penn)
David Pine (NYU)


Long Talks from Penn & NYU grad students & postdocs
Soundbites from grad students & postdocs
Burstein Lecture, Paul M. Chaikin (4:00PM, LRSM Auditorium)

Long Talks:

Adam Abate “Growing dynamical length scale on approach to jamming” (Penn)
Irmgard Bischofberger “Towards a colloidal DNA” (NYU)
Laurent Corté “Reversibility threshold in non-Brownian suspensions” (NYU)
Yilong Han “2D Melting” (Penn)
Jun Hyuk Moon “Synthesis of rod particles and their assembly by DNA” (Penn)
Yael Roichman “All in a spin: chaos and optical vortices” (NYU)
Yair Shokef “When do effective temperatures agree?” (Penn)
Kandy Vijayan “Glassiness, Crystallization, and Demixing WITHIN Block Copolymer Worms” (Penn)

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