NSF Sponsored Lectures for Science Teachers

Advanced Materials: Synthesis, Characterization and Properties


September 24   Prof. Daeyeon Lee, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
‘Wetting in Nature’
October 22   Prof. Jorge Santiago, EE
‘Energy Storage Schemes and Supercapacitors’
November 12   Prof. Charlie Johnson, Physics
‘An Electronic Nose and Tongue’
December 10   Prof. Dan Gianola, MSE
‘Deformation at the micro- and nanoscale’
January 21   Prof. Andrea Liu, Physics
‘The Physics of Cell Crawling’
February 18   Prof. John Crocker, CBE
‘How to Assemble Colloids using DNA’
March 18   Prof. TBA
April 22   Prof. Charles Graham, MSE
‘Advances in Magnetic Materials’
May 27   Prof. Karen Winey, MSE
‘Polymer Nanocomposites’


September 11   Prof. Matt Lazzara, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
‘Directed therapeutics for Cancer’
October 26   Robert Johnson, Physics
‘Materials at the Nano/Bio Interface: DNA-carbon nanotube hybrids’
November 13   Prof. John Vohs, CBE
‘Advances in fuel cell technology’
December 11   Prof.Talid Sinno, CBE
‘Advances in growing electronic materials’
January 15   Prof. Tobias Baumgart, Chemistry
‘Of domains and boundaries: phase behavior of lipid membranes’
February 19   Prof. I-Wei Chen, MSE
March 19   Prof. Shu Yang, Materials Science and Engineering
‘Patterning at the nanoscale’
April 23   Prof. Doug Durian, Physics
‘Granular physics’
May 28   Prof. Karen Winey, MSE
‘Polymer Nanocomposites’


September 13   Prof. Randall Kamien, Physics
‘Tiling and the Alhambra’
October 18   Prof. Marija Drndic, Physics
‘The real world of quantum dots’
November 8   Prof. Russ Composto, MSE
‘Introducing polymers to grades 7-12’
December 13   Prof. Peter Davies, MSE
‘Nano Chessboards’
January 17   Prof. Chris Murray, Chemistry
‘Building with Artificial Atoms: Harnessing synthesis and self-assembly for the design of nanoscale materials and device’
February 21   Prof. So-Jung Park, Chemistry
‘Spatial Organization of Nanoparticles towards Novel Functional Materials’
March 13   Prof. Jennifer Lukes, Mechanical Engineering
‘Thermal transport at the nano interface’
April 24   Prof. Paul Janmey, Physiology
‘Finding new ways to kill bacteria’
May 29   T.B.A.


September 21   Prof. Charlie Johnson, Physics
‘Carbon Nanotube electronic Nose’
October 19   Prof. Ritesh Agarwal, MSE
‘Nanowire Optics and Optoelectronics’
November 9   Prof. Doug Durian, Physics
‘Granular Physics’
December 7   Prof. Tobias Baumgart, Chemistry
‘Morphology of Lipid Bilayer Membranes’
January 18   Prof. Dennis Discher, CBE
‘Stem cells and a simple material principle for control’
February 15   Prof. I-Wei Chen, MSE
‘Oxide Electronics’
March 15   Prof. Ivan Dmochowski, Chemistry
‘Chemical Tools for Biomolecular Imaging’
April 26   Prof. Larry Sneddon, Chemistry
‘Design, Synthesis, and Application of Advanced Ceramics’
May 31   T.B.A.


September 15   Prof . John Crocker, CBE
‘Squishiness and mechanosensing by cells’
October 13   Prof. Jennifer Lukes , MEAM
‘Energy and Mass Transport at the Nanoscale’
November 10   Prof. Paul Janmey , Physiology
‘Physical properties of Biomaterials’
December 8   Prof. Andrea Liu , Physics
‘Jamming: what do traffic and shaving cream have in common?’
January 19   Prof. Jack Fischer , MSE
‘Hydrogen Storage in Nanoporous Carbons’
February 16   Prof. Russ Composto, MSE
‘Application of Polymers to Tissue Engineering’
March 23   Prof. Mark Goulian , Physics
‘Deciphering Signaling Circuits in Bacteria’
April 20   Prof. Bradford Wayland , Chemistry
‘Living Radical Polymerization’
May 25   Prof. Jason Burdick , Bioengineering
Synthesis and Characterization of Biodegradable Polymers


September 16   Prof. David Luzzi, Materials Science and Engineering
‘Advances in Nanotechnology’
October 14   Prof. Shu Yang, MSE
‘Biology and Photonic Crystals’
November 11   Prof. Marija Drndic, Physics and Astronomy
‘Nanoscale Electronics
December 16   Prof. Jorge Santiago, EE
‘Characterization of Electrospun Nanofibers’
January 20   Prof. Arjun Yodh, Physics and Astronomy
‘Brain and Breast Imaging with Light’
February 17   Prof. Jack Fischer, MSE
“New Developments in carbon nanotubes’
March 24   Dr. Mark Hermanson, Chemistry
‘Plumbing the depths of insidious lead’
April 21   Prof. Karen Winey, MSE
‘Advances in Ionomers’
May 26   Prof. Donald Berry, Chemistry


September 18   Dr. Andrew McGhie, LRSM
‘Heli-zone: A revolutionary green technology for materials purification’
October 16   Prof. Randall Kamien, Physics
‘How to stack oranges and other spherical fruits’
November 6   Prof. Ray Gorte, Chem. and Biomolecular Eng.
‘Advances in Fuel Cells’
December 11   Prof. Russ Composto, MSE
‘Polymers for Biomedical Application’
January 15   Prof. Dennis Discher, Chem. and Biomolecular Eng.
‘Synthetic Cells’
February 12   Prof. Donald Voet, Chemistry
‘Biochemistry in Secondary Education’
March 11   Prof. John DeLuccia, MSE
‘Corrosion and Embrittlement of Structures’
April 15   Prof. Feng Gai, Chemistry
‘Protein Folding Dynamics’
May 20   Prof. Mark Goulian, Physics
‘A day in the life of bdellovibrio bacteriovorus’


September 12   Prof. Sally Solomon, Chemistry, Drexel University.
‘Science in Motion”- In the VANguard of Education’
October 10   Prof. Charles McMahon, Materials Science and Engineering
‘Metal Failure: The Competition between Deformation and Fracture’
November 14   Prof. Andrew Rappe, Chemistry
‘Understanding and Designing Smart Materials’
December 12   Prof. Hai-Lung Dai, Chemistry
‘Molecules at Interfaces’
January 16   Prof. I-Wei Chen, MSE
‘Nanoparticles for Biomedical Application’
February 13   Dr. Brian ‘Peapod’ Smith, MSE
‘The Discovery, Characterization, and Application of Carbon Nanotube Peapods’
March 13   Dr. Andreas Taubert, MSE
‘Crystal Engineering’
April 17   Prof. Mark Goulian, Physics
‘Membrane-active Peptides’
May 22   Prof. William Graham, MSE
‘Biological Performance of Material Used for Total Hip Arthroplasty’


September 20   Prof. Jack Fischer, MSE
‘Update on Carbon Nanotubes: Science and Applications’
October 18   Prof. Dawn Bonnell, MSE
‘Exploiting Local Properties in Nanoscience and Technology’
November 15   Prof. David Luzzi, MSE
December 6   Prof. Paul Janmey, Physiology
‘Mechano-sensing in Cell Biology’
January 10   Prof. John Vohs, Chemical Engineering
‘Advances in Fuel Cell Technology’
February 21   Prof. John C. Crocker, Chemical Engineering
‘Using Optical Tweezers to Study Squishy Materials’
March 21   Prof. A.T. ‘Charlie’ Johnson, Physics
‘Carbon Nanotube Nanoelectronics’
April 11   Prof. Feng Gai, Chemistry
‘Protein Folding’
May 23   Prof. Karen Winey, MSE