Eltanin by the artist Bathsheba L. Grossman

Sculpture “Eltanin” by Bathsheba L. Grossman

The artwork was installed in 1992 on the south-west corner of the front of the LRSM.

Grossman said, “I made ‘Eltanin’ while a student in the MFA Sculpture program at Penn. It was done very informally: some physics administrators wanted a piece of outdoor art to impress trustees or somebody with, and I was the best mathematical sculptor in the department at that time. So I thought up the design, they gave us about $7500 for materials, and the use of the chemistry department machine shop, and I built it.

“It has the symmetry of a chiralized tetrahedron, which is one of my favorites, and I still think about this piece’s four-part construction in my present work. The name is the name of a star: the Dragon’s Eye.”

source: http://artcollection.upenn.edu/collection/art/1316/eltanin/


Material: Everdur (silicon bronze)
Overall dimensions: 106″ x 70″ x 70″
Total cost: approx $7500.00