Innovation in Drones: The World’s Smallest Drone

December 19, 2018
The Black Sheep Pub

247 S. 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Mark Yim / Innovation in Drones: The World's Smallest Drone. Mark Yim
Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics, University of Pennsylvania
Innovation in Drones: The World's Smallest Drone.

In 2017, Piccoli and Yim received the world record for the smallest self-powered drone at 39mm. How does it work and how did we get there? Over about 10 years and many dozens of prototypes we learned about what doesn’t work. We will talk about simplifying mechanisms, rotational dynamics, passive stability, and the physics of engineering small flying devices to be controllable. Along the way we will talk about under-actuated helicopters and show videos of a variety of other flying and transforming robots.