Smart Materials That Respond to Stimuli

September 21, 2017
World Cafe Live

3025 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Preston B. Moore / Smart Materials That Respond to Stimuli Preston B. Moore
Chemistry Department, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia
Smart Materials That Respond to Stimuli

Materials that change in response to stimuli are very desirable for a range of applications from biometrics to energy storage. Recently, a facile synthetic route to binary polymer brushes and mosaic polymer brushes, which are novel and unique organizations of polymers at solid substrates, has been reported. Mosaic brushes are homogeneously distributed islands of densely grafted polymers, whereas the binary brushes are two immiscible polymers grafted to the surface. Both are smart materials that feature well-developed interfaces and stimuli-responsive behavior. The talk will discuss the synthesis and simulations of these novel materials, and their potential applications.