Carrier Distribution & Dynamics of Nanocrystal Solids Doped with Artificial Atoms

Dong-Kyun Ko, Jeffrey J. Urban, and Christopher B. Murray

Ag2Te nanocrystals

Ag2Te nanocrystals which is used as substitutional nanocrystal dopant is the following study.

Single and multicomponent nanocrystal (NC) solids are an exciting new form of matter, capturing not only the quantum features of the individual building blocks but also novel collective properties through coupling of NC components. However, there is no theory of how dopants will impact the electronic structure and transport in NC solids. This MRSEC project, we explore the first temperature-dependent thermopower measurements in doped& undoped NC solids.  Temperature-dependent electrical conductivity measurements, reveal how doping affects the carrier concentration as well as mobility These measurements serve as a unique electronic spectroscopy tool to quantitatively reveal the energetics of carriers and electronic states in NC solids.

TEM images

TEM images of monodisperse of monodisperse PbTe nanocrystals in monolayer assembly.

Nano Letters, 10(5), 1842, 2010