IRG4: Controlled Function in Inter-dimensional Materials (2011-17)

IRG Leaders: Cherie R. Kagan & James M. Kikkawa

Senior Investigators; Marija Drndić, Nader Engheta, Jennifer Lukes, Christopher B. Murray

IRG-4 will identify, understand, and ultimately exploit the novel collective interactions that arise in highly-ordered, multi-component materials assembled at the nanoscale.  These materials are “interdimensional” in that complex interactions between low-dimensional constituents (nanoparticles) organized into higher-dimensional assemblies give rise to surprising and even transformative characteristics.  All of the matter in these new solids is within a few nanometers of an interface, creating strong interplay between building blocks whose collective responses are then shaped by the long-range order of their interfacial network.  In analogy to conventional atomic solids, ordering in multi-component solids with nanocrystal superlattices (NSLs) can evolve pairwise local interactions into long-range influences that couple photonic, phononic, magnetic, and electronic responses.  The IRG will focus on the modular assembly of two or more types of nanostructures into a wide range of multi-component materials where a high degree of order can transform the properties of the assembly.  Inter-dimensional material architectures include families of highly ordered binary nanocrystal superlattices (BNSLs) and quasicrystals, precise-number nanocrystal clusters formed by templated assembly, and the first co-crystallization of nanorods and nanospheres.  These structural motifs accommodate a wide variety of semiconducting, metallic, phosphorescent, semimetallic, and magnetic nanocrystals, tunable in size (1-100 nm), shape (spheres, rods, cubes, 3- and 6-sided prisms), and surface functionalization.

Highlights for IRG4

Polycatenar Ligands Control Nanocrystal Synthesis and Self-Assembly
Diroll, Jishkariani, Cargnello, Murray (University of Pennsylvania), Donnio (CNRS)
All Nanocrystal Electronics
C.B. Murray & C.R. Kagan (IRG-4)
Dendrimer-Nanocrystal Building Blocks
L. Hough, C. B. Murray, & B. Donnio (IRG-4)
Plasmonic Enhancement of Upconversion in Nanorod/Nanophosphor Heterodimers
N. Engheta, C. B. Murray, C. R. Kagan (IRG4)
In Situ Repair of Nanocrystal Devices
Chris B. Murray and Cherie R. Kagan (IRG4)
Quantum Dot Circuits
Cherie R. Kagan and Christopher B. Murray