Former LRSM Student Pioneers a Materials Breakthrough after Decades of Research

posted: 05/15/2015

Krishan L. Luthra has recently been recognized for development of a novel lightweight and strong ceramic that is stable at high temperatures. Luthra was a graduate student with Prof. Wayne Worrell, MSE, and was supported by LRSM’s block NSF grant to study “The Chemical Behavior of Materials at Elevated Temperatures” in the 1970s. After completing his Ph.D., he went to work for GE in 1976 and now, almost 40 years later, has met with outstanding success in developing a new lightweight, strong ceramic that is stable at very high temperatures. It is being used by GE in advanced jet engines that have potential savings of up to 10% in fuel cost while improving engine thrust by 25%. To date this development has helped GE generate more than $100 billion in sales to airlines and has wider applicability.

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