Dual Source and Environmental X-ray Scattering

Location: LRSM 13
Supervisor/Coordinator: Iryna Golovina
Contact: Iryna Golovina
Phone: 215-573-9482
Email: irynag@upenn.edu
Oversight Committee Chair: Karen I. Winey

Dual Source and Environmental X-ray Scattering - Xeuss 2.0The heart of this facility is a state of the art instrument for ultra-small to wide angle X-ray scattering.  The Xeuss 2.0 from Xenocs permits characterization over length scales from 0.09 nm  to 600 nm and thus facilitates study of hierarchical structures in a wide range of hard and soft materials. Features and capabilities include:

The facility is available to Penn faculty, staff, and students, and to outside users on an hourly fee basis.

Non-Penn academic users: $60/hour
Non-academic users: $300/hour or $3000/24-hour day
There is no charge for initial training

DEXS Measurement Service is available at an additional 39% administrative fee to the total cost of service for outside users who are unable to visit the facility directly.

Cutting-edge research at Penn is conducted using DEXS equipment.

For videos, prepared by Paul Heiney, that provide an introduction to modern techniques of X-ray diffraction, please visit the X-Ray Scattering Lecture Series page hosted by the Penn’s Scholarly Commons.

DEXS long view

Oversight Committee:

Eric Detsi
Zahra Fakhraai
Paul A. Heiney
Christopher B. Murray
Chinedum Osuji
Eric Stach
Karen I. Winey

Funding for this instrument was provided by a NSF-MRI grant (17-25969), a ARO-DURIP grant  (W911NF-17-1-0282), and the University of Pennsylvania.

Facilities users must include the following text in the acknowledgment section of their publications:

“The authors acknowledge the use of facilities supported by the Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter and the NSF through the University of Pennsylvania Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) DMR-2309043.”