The Return of Science Cafés

The Return of Science Cafés posted: 08/24/2022

After a 2 1/2 year hiatus, the LRSM restarted its Science Café’s in Wilmington Delaware, with a presentation by Ottman Tertuliano on August 23rd. “Breaking Bones at the Nanoscale to Heal Them,” was quite a relatable topic with the, predominantly, older audience who were all too familiar with bone issues and repair. Ottman entertained, and enlightened those in attendance for 40 minutes, followed by questions from the captivated audience.

The LRSM Science Café’s began back in 2010, in collaboration with the PBS Nova series “Making Stuff” and had been going strong until February of 2020, when it, like many other in-person events, was paused during the pandemic.  Many of the talks have been captured over the years and can be streamed from our video archives page, including this month’s talk.

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