LRSM Century Bond Project

Recent Updates:

October 25, 2022

On Saturday, November 5th, the LRSM will be closed due to construction work in the building. This work will last from 6am-3pm. During this time, no one will be permitted in the building with the exception of the construction workers performing the work.

Please be sure to secure all work. All fume hoods should be closed.

June 4, 2022

EHRS has officially cleared the LRSM water for consumption. The building water system was flushed for weeks. Multiple tests were completed to confirm the water is safe. They treated the sampling that was taken as if it was a DOH inspection, following EPA standard procedures. Signs will be removed and water will be available again. Thank you for bearing with us through this process.

January 12, 2022

January Construction/Move Town Hall
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November 23, 2021

November Construction/Move Town Hall

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September 23, 2021

Fall 2021 LRSM Construction Town Hall

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Zoom Meeting Recording

June 3, 2021

Student Town Hall Presentation Slides

Updated Project Timeline

An up-to-date project timeline can be found by clicking the link below.

Project Team

Ruth Macqueen, Project Manager: 215-316-0615
Chris Kern, Director: 215-416-6357

P. Agnes (construction)
Erik Everly, Project Manager: 215-651-1100
Christian Hochstetler, MEP Project Manager: 215-651-0771
John McKeown, Superintendent: 267-738-9464

HBS (move management)
Dave Stepelevich, Executive Vice President: 215-384-8562
Chris Piechnik, Assistant Project Manager: 610-405-8742

Swing Office Space

For the duration of the building’s renovation, we have arranged a swing office space to be available. If you are a graduate student that works on the floor and need temporary dry office space during your lab’s renovation, please email Dave Stepelevich ( and Joanne Titcomb ( as soon as possible. Please include your email and what lab you’re associated with and they will be in touch to assign a desk to you.

Current: 1st Floor South

May 4, 2022 - August 29, 2022

lrsm 1st floor construction floor plan

Phase 6-8  

  • Final Prep: 05/04/22 to 05/10/22
  • Move Out: 05/11/22 to 05/13/22
  • Commencement: 05/16/22
  • Move Out: 05/17/22 to 05/18/22
  • Move In: 08/18/22 to 08/24/22
  • Normal Operations: 08/29/22


Current: 2nd Floor South

January 17, 2022 - April 25, 2022

phase 6-6 6-7 floorplan

Phase 6-6  

  • Move In: 04/15/22 to 04/21/22
  • Normal Operations: 04/25/22

Phase 6-7  

  • Final Prep: 05/04/22 to 05/10/22
  • Move Out: 05/11/22 to 05/13/22
  • Commencement: 05/16/22
  • Move Out: 05/17/22 to 05/18/22
  • Move In: 07/18/22 to 07/22/22
  • Normal Operations: 07/25/22


Floor by Floor Renovation Timeline

Floor by Phase Dates
6.1 - Basement 5/07/21 - 8/30/21
6.2 - 4th Floor (South) 5/14/21 - 7/30/21
6.3 - 4th Floor (North) 7/23/21 - 10/06/21
6.4 - 3rd Floor (South) 10/4/21 - 12/13/21
6.5 - 3rd Floor (North) 12/10/21 - 2/17/22
6.6 - 2nd Floor (South) 2/14/22 - 4/25/22
6.7 - 2nd Floor (North) 5/18/22 - 7/25/22
6.8 - 1st Floor 5/18/22 - 8/29/22

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Floorplans by Phase

Phase 6.1

Phase 6.2 4th Floor S.

Phase 6.3 4th Floor N.

Phase 6.4 3rd Floor S.

Phase 6.5 3rd Floor N.

Phase 6.6 2nd Floor S.

Phase 6.7 2nd Floor N.

Phase 6.8 First Floor

Penn's Century Bond Program

construction of the LRSM building

Construction of the LRSM started in 1962.

Penn's Century Bond program is funded by a $300M bond issued in spring 2012 that has a 100-year term. Of that total, $200M is directed towards financing upgrades in lighting and HVAC systems that support energy efficiency and reduce deferred maintenance. The program will help Penn fulfill its goal of reducing the institution's carbon footprint as outlined in its Climate Action Plan. Of the $200M directed towards energy efficiency upgrades and deferred maintenance, approximately $8.5M has been invested in energy efficient lighting upgrades and $190M is planned for HVAC improvements. The remaining funds will be used for other strategic priority projects.

The utility cost savings realized through lighting upgrades and HVAC upgrades will be used to offset debt service and the principal repayment of the HVAC projects will be used to fund future projects.

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