Ashley Wallace, 2024 Models of Excellence Recipient

Photo of Ashley Wallace welcoming the 2023 DEEPenn STEM students

Ashley Wallace welcoming the 2023 DEEPenn STEM students

Ashley Wallace, PhD (LRSM, Associate Director of Diversity & Student Engagement) receives recognition for outstanding contributions to the University of Pennsylvania!
Dr. Ashley Wallace is being honored for her exceptional efforts in coordinating the Diversity Equity Engagement at Penn in STEM (DEEPenn STEM) weekend. This initiative, crafted for undergraduates, especially those with limited access to resources and guidance for pursuing advanced degrees in the STEM fields, seeks to empower and equip prospective graduate students with essential information necessary for making well-informed decisions about advanced degree options. The DEEPenn STEM Organizing Team is dedicated to diversifying graduate-level STEM programs and the global workforce through meticulous recruitment efforts. By strategically designing the graduate school preview event to address these challenges, participants are connected with valuable resources while being exposed to Penn’s interdisciplinary research and an environment of inclusivity and accessibility.
Photo of interim President J. Larry Jameson presenting the award to Annie Jeong, Patricia Rea, Ashley J. Wallace

President J. Larry Jameson with Annie Jeong, Patricia Rea, Ashley J. Wallace

Selected as 1 of 54 Penn staff members recognized in the 2024 Models of Excellence Program, Dr. Wallace’s achievement reflects her initiative, leadership, increased efficiency, and deep commitment to service.
Please join us in celebrating Ashley Wallace, PhD and her remarkable achievement!