DEEPenn STEM 2023 Helping to Provide a “Roadmap” to be Successful in Graduate School

DEEPenn STEM 2023 Helping to Provide a “Roadmap” to be Successful in Graduate School posted: 11/10/2023

Dr. Ashley Wallace, the LRSM Associate Director of Diversity & Student Engagement, coordinated the second iteration of Diversity Equity Engagement at Penn in STEM (DEEPenn STEM) weekend that took place in person October 6-8, 2023.   Aiming to diversify graduate-level programs and the global workforce through methodical recruitment and retention efforts, DEEPenn STEM was created specifically for those with limited access to resources and guidance for pursuing advanced degrees in the STEM fields.  It was designed to serve as an integral part of the STEM pathway for students to pursue summer research experiences (ex: REUs) at Penn and successfully transition into graduate school and/or STEM careers.  Not only showcasing the interdisciplinary nature of STEM-related graduate research at Penn, the event also addressed the unspoken rules and questions for prospective graduate students, providing participants with a “roadmap” to be successful in graduate school and related endeavors. Following a highly successful inaugural program in 2022, the program saw significant growth in expanding to 5 schools (Schools of Arts & Sciences, Engineering & Applied Science, Medicine, Nursing, and Veterinary Medicine), showcasing an even greater variety of pathways in STEM that Penn has to offer.  Sixty-nine (69) undergraduate students from universities and colleges across the USA participated in the 3-day program.  Key highlights include: keynote address delivered by Penn’s esteemed Provost Dr. John L. Jackson, dessert reception hosted by Dr. Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum (Vice Provost for Student Engagement), remarks by Deans of each school, faculty research talks, instructional workshops, panel discussions, poster presentations, and a number of opportunities to network with current Penn faculty, staff, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows.  The LRSM co-sponsored the event and supported the attendance of 5 students from our Partnership for Research and Education in Materials, with the University of Puerto Rico.

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