Gene Mele Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

posted: 05/01/2019

Congratulations to our friend and colleague Eugene J. (Gene) Mele,  Christopher H. Browne Professor of Physics and Astronomy, who has just been elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences (2019).  Gene is best known for his work, with Charles Kane, on topological insulators. Additionally however, for almost 40 years, Gene has been a key contributor to the LRSM community, especially to our NSF MRL and MRSEC centers. Amidst this “other” important research are extensive theoretical contributions to LRSM efforts on carbon nanotubes and buckyballs, graphene, and many aspects of surface science. Gene was also awarded the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics (2019), the Franklin Medal (2015), and the Europhysics Prize for CMP (2010).

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